So, Adam Levine Is Bald Now

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In case you didn’t know, this post is about Adam Levine shaving his head.


But before I reveal what he looks like bald, here are a few photos of Adam with hair, for old times’ sake:

Tommaso Boddi

Here’s Adam with hair performing at the 2019 Super Bowl:

Adam shirtless singing into microphone at Super Bowl

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Here’s a photo of Adam rocking a super cool mohawk:

Javier Torres / Getty Images

Here’s Adam with blonde hair:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

We love a man with versatility.

And here’s Adam with braids:

Adam with blonde cornrow braids

OK, at this point you’re probably ready to see what he looks like bald. So, without further ado…


Meet Bald Adam Levine:

Adam bald

Looks completely different, amirite?

He really went for it. Completely bald.

Close up of Adam's bald scalp

I’ll definitely have to get used to this new* look, but with the beard, I kinda dig it.

Adam bald with a full beard

The real question is: Once this pandemic is over, will any of us have any hair left???

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