Harold Ford, Jr. on the Death of George Floyd: There Was One Thug in That Video and He Wore a Uniform

Former democrat congressman from Tennessee Harold Ford, Jr. joined Brian for a lengthy discussion about the racial tension and unrest in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

“I get where these protestors are coming from. I understand this pain. You don’t have to be black to understand the pain of not being able to trust the system to actually work out a problem,” Ford said. “I don’t make any excuses or defend anyone who loots or robs or steals but, I tell you, I have never felt that kind of desperation and that kind of pain and that kind of knowing that no one is going to be held accountable or doesn’t seem like people are held accountable,” he continued.

When asked about President Trump calling the protestors “thugs,” the former congressman said: “I know one thing, there was one thug in that video and he had on a uniform. And there are two other thugs in that video who wore uniforms who did nothing to stop the thug from killing that man.”

Listen to the whole interview here:

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