Covid: Pupils ‘flouting’ school bus face covering rules


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image captionAll pupils over the age of five are now urged to wear masks on buses

A bus company has written to schools across Glasgow after complaints that many pupils are refusing to wear face coverings.

In a strongly-worded letter, First Bus said a “significant number” of students were choosing to “flout the rules”.

In some cases, pupils were putting on face coverings when asked to do so by staff, but removed them again once they had moved on.

The firm warned it would be reporting cases to police if breaches continue.

School buses were initially exempt from rules on face coverings on public transport in Scotland, but the guidance was modified in late August, and

all children over the age of five are now required to wear them.

First Bus said teams carrying out spot checks had found that “a significant number of school pupils across the network are not complying with Scottish government guidance”.

The letter continued: “During one such exercise, our teams have approached a number of pupils and asked where their face covering is and the pupil has then pulled it out of their bag and then complied with the request from our team to put it on.

“However, the moment the team switched decks, the pupils immediately removed their coverings again and the team had to re-engage and advise strongly that they must keep their coverings on.”

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image captionPupils have been required to wear face coverings in communal areas and on buses since late August

The letter said the problem was not that pupils did not know the rules – but were rather choosing to ignore the guidance.

“The fact that they have the coverings in their bags is proof of that itself. It’s the more concerning behaviour that they simply choose to flout the rules in this regard,” the letter said.

Bus drivers have no powers to enforce the use of face coverings although they can issue reminder notices to passengers who fail to comply with the guidance.

A spokesperson for First Bus said schools were working hard to get the message across to pupils, and that some had already begun tweeting reminders of the guidance.

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