Coronavirus: Testing system ‘falling over’ and dentists ‘firefighting’

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on Saturday. We’ll have another update for you on Sunday morning.

1. Coronavirus testing system ‘falling over’

People across England say they are still struggling to get coronavirus tests, despite Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying no-one should travel more than 75 miles to access one. Postcodes entered into the government’s booking system return a message suggesting there are no testing centres of home kits available – even for essential workers who have symptoms. Find out how to get a Covid test.

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2. Dentists ‘firefighting’ to deal with backlog

Dentists are “firefighting” to deal with a “huge backlog” and will not catch up until 2021, the Welsh general practitioners committee chairman has said. Untreated fillings could make teeth irreparable with signs of mouth cancer not being picked up, Tom Bysouth added.

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3. ‘He wasn’t with me when we got the bad news’

Catriona Amberton’s partner James Young was not allowed to attend her hospital appointments due to coronavirus restrictions. She was alone when she found out she had miscarried, but the couple later found out he could have attended the final scan. They want “clearer communication” on hospital visiting restrictions. How does the pandemic affect pregnancy, scans and birth?

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Media captionPregnancy loss: ‘He wasn’t with me when we got the bad news’

4. Lockdown again: ‘It can’t get any worse’

Just two months after pubs and restaurants in England were allowed to reopen, local lockdowns have forced many to close their doors once again. All hospitality venues in the Bolton area have shut, and publican Josh Lee is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Elsewhere, a Carlisle pub has been issued with a prohibition notice for breaching regulations. So, what are the new local lockdown rules?

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5. What does the average school day now look like?

Schools across the UK have reopened their doors to pupils after months of virtual learning. But the average school day looks very different to what teachers and students were once used to.

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Media captionWith the ongoing risk of coronavirus, what does the average school day now look like?

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