Buck Sexton: The press and protesters are fanning flames, not President Trump

Podcast host Buck Sexton on Sunday called “completely unfair” the NBC report that claimed President Trump was fanning flames amid the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

“I had the president on my radio show last week. We spoke specifically about the George Floyd case. He said it was horrible, the Justice Department was looking into it, that he expected authorities to bring swift justice,” host of the “Buck Sexton Show” told Howard Kurtz on “Media Buzz.”

Sexton said that President Trump’s comments during his show were “exactly what I would want a commander in chief to say.”

“There isn’t a whole lot of debate or discussion about how horrible what happened in Minnesota was.”


Dozens of cities across the United States were picking up the pieces on Sunday after a grim night of violent riots that left at least three dead, dozens injured, hundreds arrested and buildings and businesses in charred ruins as protests over the death of a black Minneapolis man in police custody continued for a fifth day.

Mayors of major cities imposed curfews, governors in nearly a dozen states deployed the National Guard in a desperate bid to stem the mayhem, chaos and wreckage. Though the incident that touched off the rioting occurred Monday in Minnesota and led to a cop being swiftly charged with murder, the damage seemed to culminate Saturday night and spanned from coast to coast.

In New York City, the NYPD said at least 345 people were arrested and at least 47 police vehicles damaged or destroyed during the incidents on Saturday. A total of 33 police officers were also injured. In Beverly Hills, Calif., shops along the storied Rodeo Drive were looted as a crowd estimated at more than 2,000 people chanted “Eat the rich!’


Sexton pushed back on the media and others whom he claimed were “fanning the flames.”

“If you’re looking for people who are fanning the flames, I saw protesters here on the street. I walked amongst them several times just because they’re all over the city. They’re screaming profanity at police officers, They’re calling them racist murderers. It’s appalling and then, on top of that, you add the destruction of property, the NYPD cars lit on fire, and the media always soft peddling this: ‘oh this is an expression of rage,’” Sexton said.

Sexton went on to say, “No, this is looting, this is arson, this is violence and it needs to be stopped.”

Fox News’ Caitlin McFall and Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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