27 Unpopular Opinions About “One Tree Hill” That Might Get You Worked Up

You either love or despise Lucas and Peyton.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their most unpopular or controversial opinions about One Tree Hill. Here are some of their hot takes:

Note: I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse these opinions!

Spoilers ahead!


Brooke should have ended up with Chase.

The WB

“Chase was young and confused when they first dated, but the man he became would have been the perfect complement to Brooke.”

Gemma Dean


Nathan and Haley shouldn’t have gotten married so early in the show.

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“Nathan and Haley getting married at the end of Season 1 was one of the show’s biggest mistakes. Both characters would have been better off development-wise if they had explored them more before the show tied them down.”



Lucas was the better Scott brother.

The WB

“Lucas was the better brother, better friend, and better man.”



Karen and Andy were a better couple than Karen and Keith.

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“Had Keith lived, I still don’t think he and Karen would have been endgame. Everyone put too much pressure on them and they had too much history.”



Lucas and Peyton’s exit was the best thing that happened to the show.

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“It allowed couples like Nathan and Haley and Brooke and Julian to shine and left room for new characters. Lucas and Peyton’s storyline was getting old, and their departure came at the perfect time.”

Eden Beasley


Rachel should have been the one to die instead of Keith.

The WB

“She released the time capsule and basically got away with it. Her actions caused nothing but pain, death, heartache, and trauma. She didn’t have one redeeming quality.”



Peyton and Lucas were actually an awful couple.

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“Growing up, I loved Peyton and Lucas. Now that I’m older, however, I realize they were really the worst. They went behind Brooke’s back when Peyton was supposedly her best friend, and they treated Lindsey terribly too. They brought out the worst in each other, and Brooke deserved better than both of them.”



Nicki wasn’t as horrible as everyone made her out to be.

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“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found Nicki to be less ‘evil’ and more complicated. While she shouldn’t have taken Jenny and messed around with Lucas, she was really just immature and not ready to be a mom. Jake deserved much better, but she wasn’t evil.”



Peyton and Brooke should have ended up together.

The WB

“They had such amazing chemistry and were always flirting with each other. I think the Lucas fiasco was just misplaced or repressed feelings.”

Ashley Maynard


Haley and Lucas should have dated.

The WB

“Lucas and Haley should have gotten together, or at least tried. He and Peyton were toxic together.”



Peyton and Jake’s relationship was unhealthy.

The WB

“They were cute, but their relationship was toxic. Jake had to grow up fast for his daughter, and Peyton was too immature. He even knew it was best to let her go. Peyton wrapped her whole life around Jake, and it was very unhealthy.”



Lindsey was the best match for Lucas.

The WB

“I liked her and felt that she and Lucas were better together than Lucas and Peyton. Honestly, she had way more grace and patience than I would have had in her situation.”



Dan didn’t deserve a redemption arc.

The WB

“He literally murdered his brother!”



Haley and Brooke had a better friendship than Brooke and Peyton.

The WB

“Haley was a better friend to Brooke than Peyton ever was. Haley and Brooke were always supportive and respectful to each other. Peyton and Brooke are known as the show’s most iconic friendship, but I think Brooke and Haley had a much healthier friendship!”



The whole Nanny Carrie storyline was too ridiculous and shouldn’t have happened.

The WB

“It was the ultimate ‘jump the shark’ moment. All of the other ridiculous storylines were totally believable compared with this one.”



Chris Keller didn’t deserve the blame for Nathan and Haley’s breakup in Season 2.

The WB

“He was not the bad guy there. He was only trying to help Haley achieve her music dreams. I loved that he got to return in Season 9, and I think the friendship between him and Chase was a great addition to the show.”



Brooke and Lucas shouldn’t have gotten back together in Season 3.

The WB

“Pairing up Brooke and Lucas again was a massive mistake. Lucas would have been a more liked character if the writers hadn’t revisited their relationship.”



Mouth was an unlikable character.

The WB

“He was beyond annoying. He expected every girl he was friends with to fall in love with him, betrayed Brooke by watching her time capsule video, and constantly whined about girls never seeing him as more than a friend.”



Anna should have stayed on the show longer.

The WB

“She left to go back to her old school as soon as she came out as bisexual. They could have done so much more with her character, but it was like they just ticked the box of having an LGBTQ character and then just never mentioned her again.”



Nathan and Brooke should have dated.

The WB

“If Naley and Brulian weren’t a thing, I would have loved to see Brooke and Nathan together, which they teased with their sex tape in Season 4.”



Lucas was a horrible person.

The WB

“Lucas was the worst character on the show. He was a jerk and hypocrite, was never faithful to his girlfriends, and always criticized Nathan for doing things that weren’t nearly as bad as the things he had done. He and Peyton deserved each other.”



Bevin should have been a main character.

The WB

“I wish they had kept Bevin around more often after the time jump. She didn’t have to be a bestselling author or big fashion designer, but they could have at least given her an arc that showed she was worthy of being in the main cast’s company.”



Haley and Felix would have made a good couple.

The WB

“As much as I love Haley and Nathan, I would have liked to see Haley and Felix have a relationship for a bit.”



Lucas and Peyton were always meant to be.

The WB

“Everyone always says it should have been Lucas and Brooke, but they were so problematic together. Lucas and Peyton were always supposed to be endgame — they always found their way back to each other. Brooke was better off with Julian.”



Rachel deserved a redemption arc.

The WB

“They picked random moments to show her as a good but vulnerable person, only to have her marry Dan and try to exploit the family’s pain for TV ratings. She would have been a more well-rounded character if they hadn’t just made her into a villain.”



People give Nathan too much credit.

The WB

“Yes, he had development, but people act as if being a decent father and human is something worthy of a Nobel Prize. He repeated his mistakes again and again, like flirting with Taylor and Carrie, accusing Haley of purposely trying to get pregnant, hiding secrets from his family, etc.”



And finally, Peyton should have ended up with Jake, and Lucas should have ended up with Brooke.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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