15 Helpful Safety Tips About Camping And The Coronavirus

When it comes to the coronavirus, contact with other people is your main concern. If you head to a traditional campground (think showers, toilets, metal firepits) you’ll likely have neighbors. To steer clear of the crowds, see if dispersed camping, which is basically camping on national forest or national park land that’s not part of an official a campground, is allowed in your area. You won’t have the amenities, but you also won’t have to deal with hoards of people. “The more remote the camping experience, the better,” said Rasmussen.

“Dispersed camping puts you alone with the wilderness,” said Cunningham. “When you are dispersed camping, you need to be more self-sufficient. You better plan on purifying your water, bring your own fuel, pack out ALL of your waste, and leave no trace.”

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