Sheridan Smith opens her heart

By Mark Savage BBC Music reporter Image copyright East West RecordsImage caption Sheridan Smith: “I was feeling ready to open up about a lot of things.” Watching Sheridan Smith perform in Edinburgh earlier this year, Amy Wadge had a sudden burst of inspiration. As soon as the interval started, the songwriter dashed into the ladies […]

UK News

EU plans post-Brexit London ’embassy’

Image copyright Getty Images The European Union plans to have a 29-strong team of diplomats in London to represent it after Brexit. It will be called a “delegation” – not an embassy – and will be part of the EU’s foreign policy arm, the European External Action Service (EEAS). There will also be a mission […]


The explosive science behind fireworks

Occasions like Bonfire Night, New Years Eve, Diwali and the Fourth of July weekend are marked by fireworks displays every year. But the flare and skill of fireworks today wouldn’t exist, without some simple, but clever, chemistry. So how do fireworks work exactly? How are they made – and how do they get their different […]